Life insurance on your parents.

Types of Life Insurance Policies Since there are different types of life, insurance policies are essential to determine which policy is best for your family. Understanding the different types of life insurance available is the key to choosing the right life insurance policy, especially for a policy for a parent or a child. You know you.. More

Life Insurance Laddering Life insurance laddering involves purchasing multiple term life policies with different term lengths to cover various current and future financial obligations. The amount of life insurance needed changes throughout a person’s life. For example, you could purchase three-term policies from highly rated well know companies. One policy can be purchased for $1,00,000.. More

Term Life Insurance Riders Term life insurance riders enable life insurance policies to be built that can do more than provide a death benefit. Understanding life insurance riders and what they add to policy is the key to constructing a policy that provides more than just a death benefit. These extra benefits targeted to specific needs.. More

Burial Insurance for Parents Purchasing burial insurance for parents is an important decision. While many parents are still in excellent health in the “golden years,” others have problems. Many have financial and health concerns and worry about the high cost of funerals and burials. They do not want to and leave the ones they love.. More

Life Insurance for Parents Over 60 Life insurance for parents over 60 is available in term and permanent policies. A term policy covers the insured for a specific period of years; it might be 10 or 15 years or more.   A permanent or whole life policy, although more expensive usually, will protect the insured.. More