Life insurance on your parents.

How Much Life Insurance Can You Purchase Proving Financial Justification When determining how much life insurance you can purchase, the upper limits are determined by terms and conditions set by each life insurance company. These terms and conditions vary by company. Life insurance is often purchased to replace lost income. There are other considerations a.. More

Naming a Minor Child as Beneficiary There is a potential problem in naming a minor child as a primary or contingent beneficiary on their life insurance policies. If death occurs while your children are still minors, the life insurance company can’t pay benefits until the court appoints a guardian. That takes time and money for.. More

Calculating Your Life Insurance Age You might be older than you think! Sometimes there is confusion when applying for life insurance regarding how life insurance companies determine your age.  Calculating your life insurance age is different than the way most people look at the natural age. Let’s say your age 55; you know you are.. More

Life Insurance for Physician Residents Purchasing life insurance as a physician resident or while in a fellowship program is a very important decision. It is a perfect time, especially if you are married and have children. At this point in a career, there is small net worth or a net worth of zero or even.. More

The Bermuda Triangle of Life Insurance Benefits, The Goodman Triangle Life insurance and the Goodman Triangle is an important topic when considering your life insurance designations. One significant benefit of life insurance is that the death benefit is usually tax-free. The beneficiaries receive the death benefit, and no one worries about paying any taxes on the.. More

How to Prepare for a Life Insurance Exam  Knowing how to prepare for a life insurance exam is essential if you want to qualify for the best rate possible.  Sometimes the reason life insurance applications receive a higher rate than applied for is due to a lack of understanding of what companies are testing. After.. More

Life insurance Group Term Life Insurance is Like Group Health Insurance. Employers offer Group health Insurance as an employee benefit. This type of group insurance coverage covers employees with varying health conditions and various ages.  Insurance companies understand that not every employee is going to suffer a significant health crisis at the same time. With.. More

Life Insurance Beneficiaries 101 Designating life insurance beneficiaries seems straight forward, but it can be tricky. There are common mistakes made in choosing beneficiaries. These mistakes can be expensive and sometimes heartbreaking. When there is a mistake, you have not created a problem for yourself but for the loved ones you leave behind at your.. More

Myths and Facts About Life Insurance  Eliminating Myths in Decision Making Many myths exist; years ago, the commonly held belief was that if you sailed too far West since the world was flat, you would fall off the edge of the world and perish. However, it was discovered that the world was round. There are.. More