Our Mission

We are a 100% independent online brokerage. We understand that purchasing life insurance can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating. We have been a subscriber of Term4Sale for many years with access to a database with rates of over 100 life insurance companies. Our office specializes in making the process of buying life insurance simple, fast and affordable for families.

By using the latest online technology applying for life insurance coverage is quick and convenient. You never have to schedule, spend time, and meet with an agent in person. Considering you make purchases, pay bills, and bank online, why not buy life insurance online?

By embracing the latest technology, combining that relationship with our years of experience, by utilizing a team of experts and underwriters we:

Research and find the best coverage possible for your situation with the best life insurance companies available, at the best price, and consistently work at offering the best service.

Why Choose Strahan Financial Services

  • We are independent and not obligated to recommend specific insurance companies.
  • Our process is quick and efficient.
  • We can find you the lowest cost policy for your unique medical background and family history.
  • We only quote rates guaranteed for the full term of the policy and are convertible.
  • The quote received is 90% of the time, your actual cost.
  • With over 747 life insurance companies active in the USA in 2020, we represent the top 1% of America’s oldest and finest companies with an “A” rating or better.

Strahan Financial Services works with a team of highly talented individuals committed to providing you with unmatched professional service, with over 250 years of combined experience.

We keep the process simple and will keep you updated as your life insurance application is underwritten. We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you might have. We desire to earn your business and offer a lifetime of service for your family’s future life insurance needs. Find out how much life insurance you need or Run a health analyzer to see what life insurance premium you qualify for.

Robert Strahan / Strahan Financial Services, is a licensed life insurance agent. The following agent license numbers are provided for Robert Strahan / Strahan Financial Services as required by state law: AL Agent #0750343 , AR Agent #2214656 , CT Agent #2514259 , GA Agent #3060071 , IN Agent #397123 , KY Agent #321723 , MO Agent #8368632 , OH Agent #121011 , PA Agent #31975126, SC Agent #801446 , TN Agent #951850 , WI Agent #2214656 , MA Agent #2057924 , TX Agent #2382784 , FL Agent #W557923 , NJ Agent #3000650421 California#4293381 Commercial use by others is prohibited by law.