The Danger of Procrastination

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The Danger of Procrastination

We live in a world of endless possibilities. The danger of procrastination, putting off esential decisions till later, is that we do not live in a world of rainbows where the sky is always blue, and everything in life is always beautiful. Enter covid-19! The world is not a place where everything works out the way we hope it will work out every time. Ignoring an approaching thunderstorm doesn’t make thunder and lightning disappear.

You can say, “No worries” (a popular response to stressful situations these days) as many times as you want, you are still going to get wet when the storm hits if we do not have an umbrella or find a safe place out of the storm’s path.

Procrastination is a state of mind that can be captivating, hypnotic, and dangerous. We live in a world filled with numerous possibilities.  Many of them are positive, while others are very destructive. Terrible things happen to good people every day.  You cannot prepare for the future without making essential decisions. When it comes to life insurance, it is an umbrella of protection in a financial storm. Procrastination is a financial cancer destroying futures.

Many Family’s Do Not Have A Safety Net

The danger of procrastination is that, unfortunately, half the families in America have no life insurance protection. While those that have life insurance do not have the amount they need. Ignoring the need for life insurance and pushing decision making to sometime in the distant future, doesn’t make the current need disappear. Reality is still a reality, and the need still exists for insurance protection.

Life insurance is a wonderful product that protects against a world of future negative, destructive financial possibilities for the ones we love. How many people believe that nothing wrong will happen to them. They live in a state of denial. Yet if we watch the news, we know that just the opposite happens, bad things happen all the time to good people.  Consider again what the covid-19 virus has done to families and our country. How many times have I heard “just have faith,” and everything will turn out fine? Faith is essential, and we all have faith in something, but ignoring reality does not make everything turn out fine. The danger of procrastination is that it leaves your family in danger and exposed.

If we avoid considering the negative possibilities inherent in life’s situations and “put our head in the sand,” we will undoubtedly face the negative consequences that follow that decision. The fact is by acknowledging potential negative and positive possibilities in life, and we can prepare for them.  It seems that this is a part of being a mature adult and living in reality, not a make-believe world portrayed by today’s society.

Failure to Plan Is to Fail.

How many times have you heard today that “failure is not an option”? Just emotionally stating this does not eliminate the fact that failure is always an option, whether it is an openly admitted possibility or not. The chance of failure exits even though none of us want to fail. In a game show with four contestants, there will be only one winner, and the other three will fail to win even though they all said, “failure is not an option,” during the show. Three people will lose despite the positive attitude, and there will be one winner. Those are the rules. Life also has rules.

Carrying a positive attitude and ignoring the dangerous possibilities in life will not keep us from getting run over by a car if we jaywalk on a busy street and end up disabled. Speeding in a car has been proven to be a significant cause of accidents. Ignoring that fact does not eliminate the potential possibility of an accident if you speed.

Real-Life Stories with Two Different Endings

Two true stories with different outcomes. A business owner was estimated to need $1,000,000 in life insurance coverage after completing a needs analysis. He decided to “think about it.” Ignoring the potential consequence of non-decision making did not keep his family from losing their home, business, and being left destitute, and declaring bankruptcy. He did not anticipate dying that night without the needed life insurance coverage protection.

Contrast this with the woman who looked at the possibility she could die and leave her family destitute. She moved forward, applied for insurance, and paid the first premium for the coverage. She died that very night, saving her family financial ruin and leaving a living legacy just in the nick of time.  Her family was fortunate; she made the right decision and did not procrastinate.

A World of Consequences

Life insurance protects against a world of potential negative consequences related to our death and the lasting effects it will have on the ones we love. If we ignore the dangerous possibilities inherent in life, someone will also have to face the negative consequences of such decisions. Realistically to be alive is to face the fact that we will die someday.

Consider this, statistics state that three people die every second, 180 people die every minute, 11,000 die every month, and 250,000 people die every year. We hope that somehow, we will not be in that group that dies in the next second, minute, month, or this year. The danger of procrastination is that we avoid decisions that relate to our passing and subscribe to the philosophy, “Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.”

Ignoring Consequences Doesn’t Change Consequences

Many ignore the consequence that their number might be up today. After all, who wants to think about dying and the results, our death will have on our family. So, we avoid dealing with the subject and avoid insurance planning because it is negative, and we don’t want to think about it. We trade our family’s future for more immediate pleasurable things that do not bring up all kinds of unpleasant emotions. We exchange the urgent task of planning our family’s survival after our departure for the less critical responsibilities and tell ourselves we will take care of it someday, just not today. Consider what will happen to your family if you get hit by a bus later today or if another car crosses the center line crashing into you.  And, that someday is today.

A World of Procrastinators

Looking at a world of probability vs. a world of consequences. Procrastination and perfectionism go hand in hand. We fail to decide because we do not want to be wrong. I have met people who avoid, mock, and trivialize death. They are too perfect to face that everyone is terminal, including themselves.  Preparing for death with life insurance forces them to admit they are not complete and invulnerable.

The truth of the matter is some people are just more terminal than others.  All of us are going to die at some point. Not admitting it will not change the fact. I have worked with other clients who believed that taking out a life insurance policy would hasten their death and put a “hex” on them—thinking that planning for their demise will hasten its coming. Everyone tends to procrastinate somewhat, some more than others.

According to some psychologist’s procrastination is irrational behavior that can lead to stress, depression, anxiety, and guilt. It also can lead to low self-esteem.  We all would rather avoid unpleasant tasks. When it comes to life insurance protection, we all need to consider the long-term rewards it brings to our family if we are not here. Purchasing live insurance leads to peace of mind.

However, we need to take charge and change what we often refer to as a “reasonable delay” to a specific course of action and avoid procrastinating by asking never-ending questions.   We all want to deal with unpleasant things when “we have more time.” However, maybe we need to adopt the phrase that has been too popular in recent years, “Just do it!” After all, tomorrow has no guarantees.

Life Insurance Provides a World of Protection Against the Danger of Procrastination

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