Guaranteed Issue Final Expense

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Guaranteed Issue Final Expense

When searching for burial insurance, this type of policy is, as the name implies, guaranteed coverage.  With a guaranteed issue final expense policy, you cannot be turned down and declined coverage regardless of your health. Insurance premiums for a guaranteed issue policy are usually higher than for a person who has good health. Life insurance cost is higher because companies have eliminated medical exams and tests for this type of policy.  These burial plans are for people middle age up to age 80.

Some seniors in poor health with significant health problems delay purchasing life insurance. They worry about having to face passing a medical exam due to their health concerns and then being declined for the life insurance coverage. Guaranteed issue final expense policies should be considered the last choice and maybe the only option for obtaining insurance coverage for some elderly parents. Many who resort to this policy have been declined coverage by other companies, and this is their only hope of securing life insurance coverage. Get a quote.

The Benefits of Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policies, Policy Highlights

  • Approval is Guaranteed – Regardless of your health
    • no health questions on the application
    • no medical exam
  • Premiums never increase
    • Your cost is guaranteed never to increase as long as premium payments are paid
    • Death benefit does not decrease
  • Lifetime insurance protection
    • As long as premiums are paid, regardless of your age or health
  • Death benefits up to $25,000
  • Guaranteed issue ages vary from 45-80, at last birthday
  • Flexible payment options allow Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-annual or annual payments, and credit card (Visa & Mastercard) is available

How is Approval Guaranteed?

Guaranteed issue is made possible by a two year Graded Death Benefit Limitation

  • If death occurs within the first two years for any reason other than an accident
    • All payments plus 10% interest on the earned premium is paid to the beneficiary
  • If death is due to accidental causes within the first two policy years
    • The full death benefit is paid to the beneficiary
  • After the two-year Graded Death Benefit period
    • The full face amount is paid to the beneficiary if the insured dies for any reason

Guaranteed Issue Final Expense Policies are Designed for Adults who:

  • Want to provide funds to help loved ones pay for final expenses and funeral costs
  • Are looking for guaranteed acceptance, regardless of health
  • Want affordable guaranteed premium rates and an easy application process

Sample Monthly Rates (Varies by Company)

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About Strahan Financial Services
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