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Qualifying for Preferred Risk & Preferred Plus It is the life insurance underwriter’s job to use all of the information gathered from various sources to determine whether to accept a particular applicant as a life insurance risk. The most favorable and affordable ratings are Preferred risk and Select Preferred. Qualifying for preferred risk ratings is.. More

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Living Benefits Life Insurance Today there are life insurance companies that offer life insurance that does more than only pay a benefit upon death. Hybrid life insurance is available that combines a death benefit and protection against a critical, chronic, and terminal illness. They offer protection together in one unique package of protection. These benefits.. More

Life Insurance for Seniors Obtaining life insurance for seniors can pay for funeral expenses and lingering expensive medical bills not paid by your health insurance. Life insurance for seniors can also pay off credit card bills, personal loans, or any other outstanding debt. Maybe you want to leave a college fund for the grandkids or.. More

Life Insurance for Mortgages Your home may be your most valuable asset. An unseen death can quickly put your home at risk. For many people, the most significant investment they will make is their home. Life insurance to cover mortgages or “mortgage protection insurance” is a smart decision to make. Protecting your home with mortgage.. More

A Guide to Buying Life Insurance When it comes to purchasing life insurance, a guide to buying life insurance would be helpful. This information will help eliminate much of the confusion associated with buying life insurance for your family. It should also speed the process of obtaining life insurance for your family if you have.. More

Choosing the Best Life Insurance Company There are keys you can use to unlock the confusion in selecting the best life insurance company. It is essential to understand that no one individual “right” insurance company fits everyone. A company that may have been the best company for a relative, friend, or co-worker may not be.. More

Term Life for Physicians Term life for physicians is the most affordable type of life insurance.  Although there is a definite place for whole life insurance, it is usually best to avoid buying a Universal or Whole Life insurance policy. Why pay three to four times higher premiums for the same amount of coverage? I.. More