Should I Buy Life Insurance?

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Should I buy Life Insurance?

Life Insurance is a Gift of Life to Those You Love

Why should I buy life insurance? The decision to purchase life insurance isn’t only about dollars and cents, although this is undoubtedly important.  It is about providing a secure future for your family. It is about dealing with the future and accepting the reality that life happens in ways that are often unpredictable, uncertain, and untimely. Life happens in ways that can catch us completely off guard.

After all, a family makes life meaningful, brings joy, pride, and security to life, and is one of the institutions that are the glue of society. What we do today, our sacrifice and wisdom in planning will visit the third and fourth generation in our family line. Your family will feel your footprint for good or bad in their lives. Predicting the future is an impossible task; it is wise to expect and prepare for the unexpected.

Your family Relies on your Emotional, Moral and Financial Support

Why should I buy life insurance? Nothing can replace you. However, life insurance can act on your behalf when you cannot be present. It is an extension of your life. It is the way you prepare to take care of your family when you are not here to take care of them yourself. We do not live forever, but love endures forever. Somewhere it says,” there is a time to live and a time to die,” you may live to be 100 years old and see your grandchildren have children.

But what if that does not happen. What if something unexpected happens and you are suddenly gone do to an unforeseen health issue or an accident. What if tomorrow you end up living with a health issue like cancer, diabetes, coronary artery disease, elevated liver readings, etc. Why should I buy life insurance? These conditions are difficult, if not impossible, to get life insurance coverage. Term life insurance rates are cheap, and term insurance is the top choice for life insurance in America.

Expect the Unexpected

Since the unexpected happens daily, what effect would an accident have on your family? After all, accidents happen every day. It’s simply impossible to avoid an accident no matter how careful you are. They happen; that is why they are called “accidents.” They are unexpected and unintentional and result in damage, injury, or death. We have all had them at one time or another. Some are more tragic than others. And what if you suffer the worst accident of all and lose your life?

Think about it? How many close calls have you had and survived and avoided tragic consequences and are still here to tell about it?  I wonder how many are not here and able to talk about it because they did not survive. The unexpected happens daily. So many things are simply out of our control.

How can you be in control when someone is driving in a car headed your way? You do not know if they are talking on a cell phone, texting, shooting up on heroin, or have suicidal tendencies or just plain sleepy. Some areas of this country are so dangerous that people sleep in bathtubs, so they are not hit by a stray bullet at night.

Life Insurance Makes Money Appear When People Need it the Most

Why buy life insurance? Your life insurance policy is an active living presence representing you! It holds out hope on one of the most tragic days of your loved one’s lives. It is your final loving act standing in the place of your absence, holding out a future for a spouse or children, and lessening the pain of loss. Whether that absence is due to natural causes or accidental ones, it provides money and comfort keeping your future alive so they can continue to have a place to live in comfort.

Your life insurance policy can pay mortgage balances, provide for home expenses, cover education costs for your children, outstanding loans, health insurance, and non-covered medical expenses.

It can provide monthly income replacement requirements and a financial safety net for those you care about the most at a time when they need it the most. It provides for all the expenses related to your funeral and final expenses. It provides for their future and gives them a place of rest even though you are no longer here. It may not be everything needed, but it keeps the dreams you shared alive and extends your love for your family.

I have found there are two reasons to purchase life insurance. The first is you owe a debt; the second reason is to protect someone you love. Safeguarding that you have adequate life insurance coverage is an excellent choice to protect your family.

It is a straightforward solution to leaving a large amount of coverage and creating money where there was none before during a difficult time, at a low monthly cost. There are many excellent companies. And, it is one of the few areas where you can still find guarantees in today’s challenging economy.

Why buy life insurance? It is a gift of love to someone you love. Find out how much insurance do you need?

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About Strahan Financial Services

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